bluer than gray

Broken Radio - Bluer Than Gray

Broken Radio
Hausmusik hm83
clickity-clack, cc-06, 2017

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The CD comes packed in a nice cardboard digifile cover. You can order a physical copy of Bluer Than Gray from Amazon or from our Bandcamp page.


Download the entire album or single tracks from our site at The files are available in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about anyother format you could possibly desire.


All Songs written and produced by Klaus Patzak
published by Tunecore Publishing


"Germany's Broken Radio proves that an old-fashioned, brooding Gothic-country song knows no borders."
- Adobe and Teardrops -

"...klingt nach der flimmernden Weite des wilden Westens...und erinnert vom Nuschelgesang ziemlich an Bob Dylan..."
- Zündfunk, Bayern 2 -

"... love the mood of this! and the production is excellent!!!"
- Purple Melon Music -

"Some Nick Cave dramatics, music that is meant for the stage but not necessarily the one that resides in a music venue. Yes, this is one for where dark shadows, giant curtains and props are the order of the day. ... this is music for adults and those able to absorb something beyond the superficial. It is a giant canvass, sometimes hard work but always impressive."
- mp3hugger -

"...we dig the dark country Cohen vibe..."
- EarToTheGround Music -

"...loving the smoky voice and the delicate instrumentation..."
- Indie & Folk Radio -

"... Seit mittlerweile gut und gerne 20 Jahren bastelt und schraubt er nun schon an seiner eigenen Klangwelt. Bluer Than Gray (Hausmusik) ist ... ein hörenswerter Schritt nach vorne: die Stimme klingt reifer, die Songs, die sich an den Schnittstellen zu Blues, Country und Soul, mithin also zwischen Willard Grant Conspiracy und Smog bewegen, wirken sorgfältig arrangiert und man merkt ihnen die unbedingte Leidenschaft für Americana und die Traditionen der amerikanischen Songwriter an."
- in München -

Bluer than Gray is a giant step forward, an impressive milestone in the oeuvre of Broken Radio. The songs are at the crossroads of blues, country and soul and carry the passion for Americana and the tradition of American singer-songwriters. This music is lovingly brought into the present and although recorded at home, the recording is as far away from lo-fi as Jupiter is from the sun. It is almost opulently arranged and with all available technology put into a splendid sound garment. But the focus is on the intense emotional atmosphere and the vocals, which touch and move with their depth.
- Wolfgang Petters, Hausmusik -