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Broken Radio
Hausmusik hm 85, 2020
clickity-clack, cc-07, 2020


The CD comes packed in a nice digifile cover containing all the lyrics. You can order a physical copy of Twerk & Twang from the following stores:


All Songs written and produced by Klaus Patzak
published by Tunecore Publishing

Anne Hellerup vocals on Kill Your Darlings, Sad Symphony and Rolling Wheels
Dawn Dubay vocals on Many a Mile

Broken Radio's distinctive sound is inspired by genres as diverse as alternative country electronic pop and even trap. "Twerk & Twang" features 11 songs, setting the bar higher in terms of creativity and execution, as well as showcasing Broken Radio’s excellent production aesthetics. The first song, “Summer Rewind,” is a soothing track that combines warm acoustic arpeggios with the sound and feel of some melodic synth soundscapes and organ parts, not to mention some amazingly twangy guitar licks. The song “Kill Your Darlings” is one of the most innovative numbers on the album. It combines elements of industrial and electronic music with the energy of rock and the unique feel of alt-country, tipping the hat off to artists as diverse as Beck and Nine Inch Nails or Portishead among others. “Restless Traveler” is a melodic song with a very soothing beat and a stunning texture of sonic aesthetics and ideas. The following song, “Adrenaline,” is a quintessential folk-rock track, echoing the work of seminal songwriters such as Neil Young, or Tom Petty, only to mention a few. The next tune, “Sad Symphony,” is one of the most appealing tracks on the record, as well as a testament to the artist’s diverse creativity and skills. A country-rock guitar part blends in with some stunning vocal harmonies, a trap-inspired beat, and some cinematic soundscapes, really giving the song a one-of-a-kind vibe. “Rolling Wheels” follows right along with a soothing ballad-like quality, while still retaining an appealing rhythm. “Beat Up V8” has a very nostalgic feel to it, and a great vocal melody, which makes me think of artists such as Willie Nelson, but with a more modern feel. “Transitor Lullabies” is another great experimental track with a combination of electronic elements, pop melodies, and unique country vibes. Last but not least, “Many A Mile” is a perfect curtain closer, giving this album a truly exciting conclusion. This further highlights Broken Radio’s versatility and ability to create something original.«
- Hausmusik press release -