Broken Radio




Coming October 16th!

It ain't Rock & Roll - it's


Broken Radio's distinctive sound is inspired by genres as diverse as alternative country electronic pop and even trap. "Twerk & Twang" features eleven songs, setting the bar higher in terms of creativity and execution, as well as showcasing Broken Radio’s excellent production aesthetics.

- Laserlife, June 2020 -

Check out the trailer for the new album. More info is on the way...

New Album - Twerk & Twang

Here's the cover and the track list of the new album. Please click on the image to enlarge. Twerk & Twang will be released October 16th. I am so happy with the new record and I still can't believe that I got it finally finished. Please stay tuned for more info, new videos and other stuff!

Never Heard Of 'Em

NEVER HEARD OF 'EM is the title of a book by Sue Donahoe about the Austin music explosion from 1994 to 2000. It offers exlusive insights into the vibrant Austin music scene and focuses mainly on independent artists. NEVER HEARD OF 'EM flows like a memoir, holds a real-time archive of energetic articles that document a short, but rich part of Austin’s music history. I am mighty pround and feel very honored to be covered in this truly great book.