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What a tough decision, which version I should put on Twerk & Twang. A decision that went one way and the other, depending on my mood. Now they are both out and you can decide for yourself.

It ain't Rock & Roll - it's


Broken Radio - Twerk & Twang

11 new tracks out now - more info

The art of moving genres forward, especially ones such as country and folk, ones with a long history and lush heritage, is to do so slowly, deftly and tactfully. Too much of a shock to the system and those already fans of those genres tend to drop away in droves. Twerk & Twang is the sound of just such a tasteful and restrained evolution. It will tick all the right boxes with existing roots fans, folk fanatics and custodians of country traditions but it also expands the sonic palette, pushes the boundaries and raises expectations. And it does all of that through eleven fantastic songs, songs which both cover a lot of ground and which work as a cohesive and consistent collection. Perfect.

- Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture -

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Kill Your Darlings Video

Video for the non album version of Kill Your Darlings

"Ambiance americana, des notes qui rappellent les films de Western..." - Direct Actu

Kill Your Darlings - out now

The folky non album version of Kill Your Darlings is out now.

"Cohen / Hazlewood style cinematic creeper" - Postcard Elba

"... a smooth & mysterious Americana/Folk song with rich, deep male vocals lush strings & cool guitars" - CaesarLiveNLoud

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Restless Traveler Video

Here comes another video off Twerk & Twang featuring Big Red


Adrenaline is the second video from Twerk & Twang

Beat Up V8 Video

Beat Up V8 is the first in a series of videos for the new album

Never Heard Of 'Em

NEVER HEARD OF 'EM is the title of a book by Sue Donahoe about the Austin music explosion from 1994 to 2000. It offers exlusive insights into the vibrant Austin music scene and focuses mainly on independent artists. NEVER HEARD OF 'EM flows like a memoir, holds a real-time archive of energetic articles that document a short, but rich part of Austin’s music history. I am mighty pround and feel very honored to be covered in this truly great book.